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Year was 1998, our Founder, Amritendu Banerjee, had just passed ICSE board exam and had joined ISC(Science) in one of the reputed schools in kolkata. While studying in the school he had realized that there were not so many good teachers and the ones who were there, were so sparsely located in any city that it was very hard to reach to them. Then it was early stage of IT boom. After ISC he did his Engineering and then joined Cognizant Technology Solutions India went to United States, spent quite a few years there before coming back to India and settling here. But all these years, the thought of lack of good teachers in a city and the problem with reachability was constantly at the back of his mind. 

He himself moved into training in the year 2018 as a freelancer and started training the fresh minds from college at Cognizant Technology Solutions. He felt satisfied from inside that his long lasting wish, that was there since 1998; he has finally started working towards it.

Later in 2019, he met one of his friend from his colloge days who was also just coming back from a long tenure of 10-12 years in United States. During one friendly discussion our Founder had mentioned that he is working to launch a platform to bridge this teacher-student gap and help thousands of student to reach the best of the best Teachers not just from the city but from anywhere in the world. This got his friend also very much excited about the cause and he gladly decided to become the Co-Founder.

Thats how LEARNINZ Edutech was formed by two friends who really wanted to bring in Value based Learning into the society & improve the current education system; scale it up to leverage the latest of Information Technology; prepare the current generation to be ready to face the Biggest transformed Business dynamics post Corona virus pandemic era.


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